Recommended Parts for World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft (often abbreviated as WoW) is the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game ever. The reason for this popularity is no surprise. The game's stunning visuals, outstanding audio, and highly addictive gameplay all contribute to make this one of the best games ever developed. With three expansion packs released to date and a fourth in the making, the game continues to gain popularity since it's release in 2004.

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Recommended CPU

In order to enjoy all that WoW has to offer, you'll need a computer that is up to the task. Although the system requirements are quite modest by today's standards, you will still need a solid processor, video card and memory to really unleash the power of the game. The system requirements can be found here. With an Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP 1500+ as the processor requirement, this predates the modern CPUs of quad core and even dual core technology. I recommend using a dual core processor for the World of Warcraft. For great prices on dual core processors, check out the selection found at icon.

Recommended Memory

The recommended memory is listed as 1GB but with memory prices as low as they are currently are, I'd use 4GB (two sticks of 2GB) of DDR3 memory in dual channel mode. Through, 4GB of Corsair memory icon memory will only cost around $50 and having the extra memory available for the computer to use is always beneficial.

Recommended Video Card

An NVIDIA GeForce FX or an ATI Radeon 9500 video card is listed as the suggested video card for WoW, however, with several generations of video cards released since, I recommend using a GeForce GTX 260 icon or a Radeon HD 5000 Series card, such as the ATI Radeon HD 5450 icon. This card will more than handle all the visuals with ease to provide you with the best WoW gaming experience.

Recommended Storage Size

With 25GB of storage space required to install the game, you'll definitely want at least 50GB of free space available. I recommend defragmenting your hard drive before you install the game to be sure your computer is not being slowed down by excessive fragmented files.


WoW screenshot

The World of Warcraft is incredibly popular and rightfully so. Featuring highly addictive gameplay from people all over the world, WoW has earned its place as one of the best PC games ever developed. All the excellent visual and audio treats the game offers needs a quality computer to handle it. With the above mentioned components powering your gaming computer, you will be more than ready for WoW.

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