Preparing a Case for Installing Components

1. Begin by sliding the case out of the package.

2. Using a Phillips screw driver, remove the side cover.

3. There should be a small plastic bag containing motherboard standouts, small pegs for the computer to sit on, and lots of Phillips screws. See the image below for an example.

Plastic Bag of Case Parts

4. Remove the 4 pegs from the bag and assemble the case's "feet" (shown below).

Case Leg Assembly

5. Next, insert the motherboard standouts into the proper form factor locations inside the case. Please see the motherboard installation guide for further information.

6. If your case has USB ports located at the front, you will see a similar connector shown in the image below. This gets plugged into the "F_USB1" slot on the motherboard. Please consult your motherboard manual for the exact name because the naming conventions differ from brand to brand.

Front USB case connector

Front USB slot

7. Your case is now ready for a motherboard and all the other goodies!

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