Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Tips

Modern Warfare 3 is a first person shooter (FPS) released in November of 2011. It has received high critical acclaim and rightfully so. Sporting immense graphical details, epic audio, and a storyline that grabs you from the beginning and never lets go, MW3 is the epitome of the modern PC game. This guide will give some tips and advice for the multiplayer experience of MW3.

Custom Classes Suggestions

Custom Class 1 - Bread and Butter

AK-47 Custom Class

The ability to create custom classes is unlocked once you reach Level 4. One of the custom classes we prefer includes an AK-47 assault rifle as the primary weapon paired with a MP9 as the secondary. This awesome combination provides the best of both worlds; you have long-range firepower with the AK-47 and excellent short-range ability with the fully automatic MP9. To increase the lethality of this combination, add the Blind Eye, Quickdraw, and Stalker perks. With Blind Eye, enemy aircraft will no longer be a concern as the perk makes you invisible to them and they will not target you. With Quickdraw equipped, your weapon becomes ready to fire sooner when you aim down your sights. Finally, the Stalker perk adds the ability to move more quickly when you aim down your sights. This custom class has produced excellent results for us here at

Custom Class 2 - Getting Into the Thick of it

Shotgun Custom Class

Our next recommended custom class was designed to get into the thick of things in the Drop Zone game type. Featuring a shotgun, Stinger missile launcher, and some wisely chosen perks, you will be ready to rack up points. Start things off right with the Striker shotgun. This powerful hand cannon is great for clearing enemies from the drop zone and keeping them out as well. Paired with the Sleight of Hand perk, you can quickly reload the weapon, which has a drum magazine and can store a large amount of ammo. Enemy aircraft are always abound in the drop zone game type, which is why we like using the Stinger missile as our secondary weapon. The very powerful anti-aircraft rocket will send Hind gunships tumbling back down to earth in several pieces, to much delight of your teammates. With the Blast Shield perk equipped, enemy grenades will deal less damage to you, enabling you to stay alive in the drop zone and rack up points. With Steady Aim as the last perk selected, you can hip fire your shotgun with more accuracy.


With the above-mentioned custom classes at your disposal, we hope you enjoy plenty of success in Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer. The game is a truly unique entry in the FPS genre. Having broken many sales records since its launch, MW3 continues to grow in popularity over time. If you have yet to experience it, we hope you will soon.

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