Installing Hard Drive Guide

1. Unplug all the cables from the back of the computer and remove the side cover of your case.

2. If your hard drive is an IDE ribbon style, you must properly set the jumper located on the back of the drive. If you have a SATA drive, there are no jumper settings to configure, please skip down to Step 5. If you are unsure what style of hard drive you have, the image below shows the differences in the backs of an IDE (top) and SATA (bottom) drive.

Comparison of SATA and IDE Hard Drives

3. Because each IDE cable only supports a maximum of two drives, you must distinguish the drives from each other. In other words, one of them must be set as "Master" and the other as "Slave." This is easily accomplished by setting a jumper pin at the back of the drive. If you are unsure what setting the hard drive needs, see the table below for setting the hard drive jumper to the correct setting.

Hard Drive Configuration
Jumper Setting
Only 1 drive presentMaster or Cable Select
1 hard drive, 1 CD driveSet hard drive as Master, CD drive as Slave
2 hard drives presentSet primary hard drive as Master, other as Slave
2 CD/DVD drives presentSet one as Master other as Slave, does not matter which

Shown below is a jumper configuration table as seen on an IDE hard drive. This table tells you where to place the jumper pin on the drive to set it as either Master, Slave, or Cable Select.

Hard Drive Jumper Configuration Table

4. If you are having difficulty removing the jumper pin, I find using tweezers is the best way to pull it out from the drive so it can be placed in the correct location (if it isn't already).

Hard Drive Jumper

5. Slide the hard drive into an empty 3.5" bay as shown below.

Sliding Hard Drive into Bay

6. Using Phillips screws, secure the hard drive to the drive bay.

Securing Hard Drive to Case

7. For an IDE drive, attach the 4 hole Molex power cable to the back of the drive. For SATA drives, attach the special SATA power cable to the back of the drive.

Molex Power Connector

Molex Power Slot on back of Hard Drive

SATA Power Cable

SATA Hard Drive Power Slot on back of Drive

8. Attach the IDE or SATA data cable to the appropriate location on the motherboard. Then connect the other end of the cable to the back of the drive.

IDE Data Cable Slot on Motherboard

SATA Data Cable Slot on Motherboard

Attaching IDE Cable to back of Hard Drive

SATA Data Cable

9. Put the case side cover back on and attach all cables to the back of the computer.

10. Thats all there is to it!

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