CPU Installation Guide

1. Begin by unplugging all the cables from the back of the computer. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the side cover of the case.

2. Slide open the CPU lever on the motherboard and line up the gold triangle on the CPU with the gold/yellow triangle on the CPU socket. The CPU should slide easily down into the socket. If it does not, double check to make sure you have the triangles lined up.

3. After the CPU is in place, slide down the lever arm locking the CPU into the socket. Then, apply a thin layer of thermal compound directly on top of the CPU. Be careful not to use too much, only a thin layer is needed. I like to apply a small amount to the center of the CPU and then gently use my finger to spread it evenly across the processor. Shown below is CPU thermal compound. For a detailed guide on CPU thermal compound, click here.

CPU Thermal Compound

4. Next, line up the CPU fan over the processor and place the lever on the underside of the socket. Gently push the other end of the lever until it locks into place on the otherside of the socket. It can take quite a bit of force to get the lever to lock on the socket, it helps to use a regular head screwdriver to help apply pressure. The CPU fan and lever is shown below.

CPU fan and lever

5. Be sure to plug the CPU fan power connector (shown below) into the motherboard where it is labeled "CPU_FAN" or similar (check your motherboard manual for the exact name.) Failure to do some can damage the CPU when the computer is powered on for the first time because the fan will not be spinning to cool the CPU as it operates.

CPU fan power connector

CPU fan name written in manual

6. Return the case side cover and attach all connectors to the back of the computer.

7. Thats all there is to it!

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