Optical Drive Installation Guide

This guide is applicable to all forms of optical drives (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray)

1. Begin by powering off the computer and removing all the cables from the back.

2. Remove both of the case side covers.

3. Pop out the front cover of an empty 5.25” drive bay. Occasionally, there is a thin metal piece protecting the drive bay slots. Gently wiggle this piece back and forth and eventually it will free itself.

Removing case bay cover

4. If the optical drive is the older IDE interface style, set the jumper to the proper configuration on the back of the drive.

Back of an IDE optical drive

5. Slide the new drive into the drive bay from the front of the case. The Phillips screw holes will line up with the case when the drive is flush with the front (shown below).

Sliding optical drive into the case

Optical drive with screw holes lined up

6. Secure the drive to the case with screws. I recommend using at least 4 screws, 2 on each side as the minimum. Optical drives can make noise when a disc is inserted and if the drive is loosely secured to the case, using more screws will eliminate the noise.

securing optical drive to the case

7. Attach the IDE and molex cables to the IDE drive or the SATA data and power cables for a SATA style drive.

inserting IDE cable into optical drive

inserting molex cable into optical drive

8. Place the opposite end of the cable to the appropriate location on the motherboard ensuring a good connection.

9. Return both side covers to the case.

10. Plug in all cables to the back of the computer and power it on.

11. To make sure the new drive is functioning properly, insert an optical disc and make sure the drive can read the data on the disc.

12. Installing an optical drive in a computer is so easy! Start enjoying that drive!

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