Case Fan Installation Video

Guide to Case Fan Installation

Case fans are very easy to install and this guide will show you step by step how it is done.

1. First, power off the computer and unplug the cables from the back.

2. Remove the side cover of the computer case.

3. Make sure you have an empty space in the case for the size of fan you intend to install. For example, if you have a 120 mm size fan, make sure you have a space large enough to house the fan. The image below shows a 120 mm computer case fan.

Desktop 120 mm case fan

4. Position the fan so the blades are exposed towards the inside of the case. This ensures that the fan moves the warm air from inside the case out the back.

positioning case fan

5. Next, fasten the fan to the back of the case using the 4 screws provided.

securing fan to computer case

6. Take the fan power connector and plug it into the SYS_FAN connector on the motherboard. Please consult your motherboard manual for the exact name of the system fan connector.

case fan power connector

system fan plugin

If properly installed, it should look like the image below.

case fan properly installed

7. If your motherboard does not have a SYS_FAN slot, you can use a molex power adapter as shown below.

case fan adapter

Simple wasn't it? Installing a case fan is very easy!

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