Installing a Power Supply

1. Begin by unplugging the computer and removing all cables from the back. Using a Phillips screw driver, remove the side cover of the case.

2. Insert the power supply at the top rear of the case.

Inserting Power Supply

3. Secure the power supply to the case using 4 Phillips screws.

Securing Power Supply

4. Plug the Molex connectors from the power supply to the hard drive(s) and CD/DVD drive(s).

Molex Power Connector

5. If you are using SATA devices (hard drives or CD/DVD drives), plug in the power connectors to the rear of the device.

SATA Power Cable

6. If you have a floppy drive, attach the special 4 pin connector (called a Berg connector) to the back of the floppy drive.

Floppy Drive Power Connector

Plugging in Floppy Drive Power Cable

7. Connect the 24 pin motherboard power connector into the 24 pin power slot on the motherboard. These connectors can only fit in one direction so if it does not slide in easily try reversing the orientation.

24 pin Power Supply Connector

24 pin Power Connector

8. Plug in the additional power cable (4 pin, 8 pin etc.) into the correct slot on the board.

P4 Power Supply Connector

Motherboard P4 Slot

9. Put the case cover back on and return all connections to the computer. Thats all there is to it!

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