Best Optical Drive for a Gaming Computer

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There are many essential parts required to build a gaming computer. A processor, hard drive and memory are just a few that come to mind. Often overlooked but not to be forgotten, is the optical drive. This article will explain some of the key features to look for when shopping for an optical drive for a gaming computer build.

Optical Drive Features

One of the most important features for a gaming computer's optical drive are the media types that it can support. The three types are CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and Blu-Ray. Compact Discs (CDs) have been around for quite some time and are the gold standard when it comes to optical media. They can store a large amount of information although the need for larger capacity discs quickly arose thus giving birth to the DVD media type. DVDs in turn, had more storage capacity than their CD counterparts and were the same physical dimensions. However, the need for large capacity storage soon found the DVD storage size inadequate and a replacement was needed.

The Blu-Ray disc is the latest (and greatest) optical storage medium in use today. It provides an unprecedented amount of storage space capable of storing the latest games on one disc.

Recommended Drive for Gaming Computer

Because Blu-Ray technology is being fully implemented for the latest computer games, a Blu-Ray optical drive is the way to go for a gaming computer. Not only will you be able to install the latest games, but the drive can also read your older DVDs and CDs. This presents the ideal solution as the Blu-Ray technology is backwards compatible with the older optical formats.

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