Computer Security

Being able to play the latest computer games on a fast gaming computer is really a thrill. However, you definitely want to protect your computer from would be thieves and hackers. This article will go over a few simple steps to take to help keep your computer safe.

Creating a Login Password

Windows 7 Login Screen

One of the simplest forms of computer security involves creating a login password when you turn your computer on. Including a mix of numbers and letters makes the password much more secure. For example, the password “baseball” is much less secure than “Baseball38962.” We cannot underestimate the importance of not using a password consisting of “1234” or “qwerty.” Believe it or not, these passwords are rather common and are extremely easy to guess. In the interest of computer security, choose a password using letters and numbers and keep it safe, do not tell strangers your computer password.

Hardware Security

Although very simple in nature, one cannot overlook hardware security. Many modern computer cases feature a location where a padlock can be secured, which prevents someone from opening up the case and gaining access to the hardware inside. Video cards, solid state hard drives, and processors are expensive and you don't want someone opening up your case and stealing your valuable components. Just like login security, if you secure your case with a padlock, don't tell random people where you store the key, or if your padlock is the number combination style, keep the combination safe.

BIOS Password

Setting a BIOS Password

Taking the login security one step further, a BIOS password can prevent anyone from making changes to the operation of the computer itself. The BIOS controls many functions including which device the computer boots from and whether the computer is being overclocked among other things. By creating a BIOS password, unauthorized people cannot make changes to the basic functions of the computer.


Building a gaming computer is a fun hobby. The assortment of parts that collectively make up a gaming computer can be expensive and valuable. Having the proper security on your computer can ensure that people cannot simply login to your computer and start making changes without your approval. By securely locking your computer case, the parts inside cannot simply be removed. By incorporating a BIOS password into your security repertoire, this ensures the basic functions of the computer stay just as you want them.