Computer Safety Precautions

Building a gaming computer is quite a thrill. Hand selecting the parts that you want and putting it all together really gives a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment all at the same time. As you assemble the parts please be aware that there are some safety precautions to take to keep yourself safe.

Electrical Shock

Electrical Hazard Warnings on a Computer Power Supply

The major risk when assembling a computer is getting an electrical shock from one of the components. The power supply presents the most danger as these can range from 300 watts all the way up to 1000 watts. Under no circumstance should you open a power supply and try to fix it. It is not worth the risk and power supplies are not very expensive should you need to replace it. This is by far the biggest risk when building a gaming computer.

Spinning Fans

Another potentially hazardous situation involves case fans and CPU fans. You should always power off the computer before opening it up to remove/install components. Fans can spin very fast and if you come into contact, it can hurt pretty bad. It's just safer to power off the computer before doing any installations or removing components.

Sharp Edges

Also worth mentioning, the computer case itself can contain sharp edges or points that can cause cuts or scrapes. When installing video cards, network cards or other PCI devices, be mindful of the back of the case. This is generally where you will find the sharpest edges or points. Wearing gloves while working inside the case can keep you safe from cuts and scrapes.


Building a computer is definitely a great experience. Like many other tasks, assembling a computer requires proper safety precautions as you embark on the build. High wattage components, spinning fans, and sharp edges can all pose an injury threat. Our best advice is to take your time, know the components that you will be working with and always unplug the computer before working inside the case.