Computer Modification

This page explains how to modify (mod) a computer and offers great places to look for deals on modification parts. It is always fun to show off your gaming computer build with all the excellent components inside. Using a case with a side window and adding cold cathode lighting, LED case fans and many other aftermarket parts can really produce a truly unique computer design. There is a very large market for computer modification parts.

Computer Cases

Transparent Computer Case

The most common way to show off your awesome computer build is to have a side window on your computer case. What better way is there to boast to your friends than by showing off the engine under the hood so to speak? There are even some cases on the market that are completely transparent. Recently, individual components have continued this transparency concept including power supplies.

LED Case Fans

One of the simplest ways to add a little color to your computer is through LED case fans. There are many color choices available and several different manufacturers to choose from. LED case fans still offer great flow rates and plenty of cooling for your computer. Common sizes are the 80mm and 120mm variety and installation is a breeze (no pun intended). For great LED case fans, look no further than the the selection at iconThis fan offers a great flow rate, is quiet during operation and comes in a variety of vivid colors.

Cold Cathode Lighting

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Another popular way to customize your gaming computer is to add cold cathode lighting. Like the lighted case fans, cold cathode lighting comes in a wide variety of colors for your choosing and installation is a snap. Simply place the Velcro sided tape inside the computer case where you want the light to be displayed. Attach the other piece of Velcro tape to the light itself so the Velcro sides contact each other and create a firm hold. Next, connect the power adapter to an available Molex or 3 pin connector from the power supply. The final task is to fasten the power switch into an available PCI slot at the rear of the case. The power switch is then located at the back of the case and you simply turn in on and enjoy the nice lights.

Cable Sleeving Kits

Another popular modding technique involves case sleeving kits that are UV reflective. The cable sleeves are covers for the many cables inside your case including the power connectors, SATA cables, and IDE cables. Paired with a UV light, the cables glow in a brilliant fashion. Check out the great cable sleeve kits at iconInstallation is very easy, you simply slide the cover onto the cable.


Using lighting, case windows, and cable sleeving kits, you can completely change the look of your gaming computer build for a truly unique design. These parts are inexpensive and you can easily find the color and style that's right for you.

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