External Video Card Guide

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An external video card is great for computer gamers who like to bring their gaming gear with them on the go. An external video card can also be the perfect solution for a gamer whose motherboard only has onboard graphics. This article will explain the numerous benefits of using an external video card.

Travelling Gamer

An external video card is the ideal solution for a gamer who likes to take their gaming on the road. It can easily packed away into a backpack or laptop bag and can be setup in no time at all.

Reduction of Heat

Using an external video card with your gaming computer build can also help reduce heat buildup. By placing the video card outside the computer case, this reduces the heat produced from inside the case and helps keep the internal temperature cooler.

Multiple Gaming Computers

Another great feature of using an external video card is having multiple gaming computers. Many of the lower end laptops feature video cards that are not quite up to par and cannot deliver all that is required for the latest computer games. An external video card can take care of that issue. Featuring robust amounts of memory, an external video card will ensure your gaming desktop or laptop can play the latest games on the market without any slowdown.


Lets take a look at some of the latest external video cards on the market. The StarTech USB32HDE DVI External Video Card Adapter iconis a great product. It features enhanced graphics that will make computer games run smoother and make them more enjoyable.


Being stuck with onboard graphics isn't the end of the world. Thankfully an external video card adapter can breathe new life into an outdated lap by improving the graphics and making new games playable again. Look into several different to be sure to find the one that is right for you.

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