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The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick

Having an excellent gaming computer means being able to play the latest games on the market with high settings and still achieving a great frame rate. One immensely popular category of game on the market is the flight simulator (flight sim for short). These games put you right in the cockpit of fighter aircraft, bombers, and even modern day jets. Of course playing these games with a mouse and keyboard is quite an arduous experience, for this reason, the joystick is an essential accessory for a gaming computer.

A Brief Explanation

A joystick is a device that simulates the controls of an actual aircraft, to an extent. Typically, all joysticks will have a center handle that controls the left/right movement of the plane as well as the nose down and nose up actions. This mimics the controls of an actual airplane. The extent to which you push the joystick handle forward or backwards relates to how fast the plane will climb or dive down. Trying to perform these actions with a mouse/keyboard combo is quite cumbersome and can be downright impossible.

What to Look For

There are a few characteristics that set joysticks apart from one another. The higher end joystick models will have several buttons located around the center handle for the many other possible actions to perform while flying an aircraft. These can include putting the landing gear up/down, the flaps up/down, and even turning on interior/exterior lights just to name a few. Of course, these buttons are customizable, meaning you can assign them whatever function you like.

Consequently, having only a few buttons on your joystick can force you to assign different functions to your keyboard, which means you will have to use your keyboard and joystick in tandem to fully operate the aircraft. This may be suitable for some, however, there are experienced flight sim players that insist on using solely a joystick for controlling the aircraft. For those immersed in the flight sim genre, a high end gaming joystick can really make a difference in the overall flight simulation experience.


Thankfully, installing a joystick is very simple. Joysticks use a USB cable to connect to the computer. Once connected, your operating system does the rest and installs the device for you. To customize the functions of the joystick buttons, load your flight simulator software and go into the controls section. Here you will be able to assign the different joystick buttons an aircraft function. Once you have the controls set up to your liking, take a plane for a test flight!

Recommended Products

Without a doubt, Logitech joysticks are considered the best when it comes to computer joysticks. Having put out a quality product for years, Logitech joysticks deliver the goods for the flight simulator experience. If you are in the market for a quality joystick, look no further than the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick icon. Featuring lots of buttons, advanced Logitech software, and excellent reviews, this joystick will please even hardcore flight simulator fans. For a great selection on computer joysticks, check out icon


Screenshot of IL2 Sturmovik in action

A very popular genre of computer games, flight simulators put you in the cockpit of some of the most famous aircraft of all time. Whether you prefer the older World War Two era aircraft or modern day jets, a joystick really enhances the overall flying experience. Don't be stuck trying to use your keyboard and mouse to pilot an F-16 Fighting Falcon jet, get your self a nice joystick, you'll be glad you did!