My love of computers began when I was in high school. I started by watching a friend upgrade memory in a computer and when that computer finally became obsolete, I watched him do a full computer installation. I paid close attention never knowing that one day I would be providing others with the knowledge I learned that day. I dedicate this site to anyone who has had to endure those hard to read instruction manuals for installing components and struggling your way though, to the late nights of troubleshooting a corrupt driver that caused so many problems, and most importantly, to those who keep on building great computers.

The creativity of the custom builders never ceases to amaze me. I have seen so many unique designs and each one impresses me in a different way. It seems like I learn something new each day when researching a new technology just made available or swapping in a new part. Nothing really compares to that feeling of nervousness and excitement of just completing a new build and are reaching for the power button to start the computer for the first time. So many thoughts running through my head, "will the computer power on?, did I plug the case connectors in properly?, how fast will this computer run the latest games?" In a split second when the computer turns on and then completes the POST, a let out a sigh of relief knowing that another computer has been successfully assembled.

I have used Solo Build It (SBI) for this project and I love the way it simplifies the entire process of constructing a website. From the very beginning of laying out ideas and framing a possible starting concept, SBI guides you every step of the way. I highly recommended it to anyone who is interested in starting their own web page, no html knowledge is needed.


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