SD Cards

As computers have advanced throughout the years, the need for transporting data from one place to another has also become very important. Secure Digital (SD) cards came onto the scene about 5 years ago and have made a large impact. They combine a large storage capacity with a very small size making them the ideal storage medium for cameras, cell phones and other handheld devices. There are three size variants of SD cards. They are the SD, mini SD and micro SD. This article will offer some top recommendations for SD cards.

Recommended Product

Our recommendation is the Kingston 16GB SDV/16GB SDHC Cardicon. This fantastic card has great storage capacity at 16 GB, which is plenty of room for taking lots of pictures, storing songs, and other important documents. With a price of under $20 and backed by a quality name brand in Kingston and you can’t go wrong.


Micro SD cards are the way of the future. They store massive amounts of tiny in a very tiny package. When shopping for one, make the right decision and get a high quality brand so you won’t regret it later.

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