64-bit Processors

So what exactly is 64 bit processing and why is it important? Why is it better than the 32 bit CPU? If you’ve asked yourself these questions or something similar, you’ve come to the right place. This article will break down 64 bit processing and explain its benefits.

Without getting too technical, the following describes the essence of 64 bit processing. Computer processors read information in discrete “chunks” at a time. These chunks are called bits. The maximum information a 32 bit processor can handle is 2^32. A 64 bit processor by comparison, can handle 2^64 bits at a time.

So why is the amount of bits a processor can handle important? Essentially, the higher the amount of information the CPU can read at a time means the more processes it can complete. This could be anything from your favorite music player, spreadsheet program, or surfing the net.

Just having a 64-bit capable processor really doesn’t mean much unless you have the software to go along with it. Using a 64-bit processor with 64-bit software is called 64-bit architecture. Most, if not all, modern operating systems including Windows 7, Mac OS X Lion, and Linux, feature 64-bit CPU support.

So who needs to use 64-bit processing? For the average computer user, a 64-bit processor is not necessary. However, for those applications requiring extensive use of the computers resources, such as 3D imaging, video editing, etc, a 64-bit processor can really make a difference.

With the technology advancing so quickly, 64-bit processors have dropped in price considerably since their mainstream market debut. For the avid computer gamer, we recommend purchasing a 64-bit CPU and using a 64-bit Operating System along with it. With the newer games requiring more memory, video card memory and hard drive space, the 64-bit processor is more adapted to handle these requirements as opposed to a 32-bit CPU.

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